Adding Swap Space to Amazon EC2 Micro Instances

Most of us use EC2 micro instances for prototyping and running small servers. If you use MySQL on an EC2 machine, you may experience the MySQL server automatically shut down with the /var/log/mysql/error.log file reading as below: 140516 10:54:24 InnoDB: Initializing buffer pool, size = 128.0M InnoDB: mmap(137363456 bytes) failed; errno 12 140516 10:54:24 InnoDB: Read more about Adding Swap Space to Amazon EC2 Micro Instances[…]

Creating a new SVN Repository

Let’s assume we want to create an SVN repository for our project “Apollo” 1. Create the directory in the SVN base folder mkdir /home/svn/apollo 2. Create the SVN repository svnadmin create /home/svn/apollo 3. Add HTTP Access to the repository Edit your Apache configuration file and add the following to your VirtualHost DAV svn SVNPath /home/svn/apollo Read more about Creating a new SVN Repository[…]